Tunable LED Lights

The Brown University Center for Long-Term Care Quality & Innovation Center (Q&I Center), created by AHCA, needs to identify nursing centers that have installed (or are planning to install) a specific kind of LED light.

Over the past few years, LED lighting technology has rapidly evolved.  New tunable LED lights can be pre-programmed to change in color temperature and intensity over the course of the day and night, similar to the natural cycle of day and night light.  Some preliminary evidence suggest that these lights may benefit residents, particularly those with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as staff. The Q&I Center is partnering with the Center of Design for an Aging Society to evaluate the impact of these lights on resident outcomes.

Do any of your centers have tunable LED lights installed (or do any of your centers plan to install tunable LED lights)?  If the answer is YES, please email Rosa Baier (rosa_baier@brown.edu) to learn more about including your centers in an evaluation of the impact of these lights.