Grand Hyatt Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX

September 9-11

Keynote Speaker, Inky Johnson

Monday, September 9th


Nurses Day Keynote, LaDonna Gatlin

Tuesday, September 10th


Closing Keynote, Pamela Truscott, DNP/HSL, MSN/Ed, RN

Wednesday, September 11th

Provider/Facility Registration

Provider registration is only for employees of skilled nursing, assisted living, and other residential facilities and their owners. Full convention and daily registration options are available. Early bird member registration by July 8th THCA members save $200, non-members save $100. Registration opens May 15, 2024. (Standard rates: members $595, non-members $850)

Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitors and vendor attendees are THCA Business Members. Membership is a separate fee. If you are interested in membership to participate in the convention & trade show visit HERE. Registration opens May 15, 2024. For detailed information see the Trade Show & Exhibitor Prospectus


Event Sponsorships

Event sponsors are THCA Business Members who choose from a variety of additional opportunities as a registered exhibitor or vendor attendee. For more information about sponsorships visit HERE.