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Older patients with IBD frequently have impaired functioning and should be assessed for signs of frailty, researchers say.

Push for tougher SNF licensing rules heats up

California lawmakers are continuing to press for some of the nation’s toughest requirements for potential nursing home buyers. 

Barriers prevent LTC residents from reaping full benefits of telemedicine: study

New technology learning curves and a preference for in-person care create barriers to telemedicine for independent living residents, a Stanford University study finds.

Several COVID-related waivers and flexibilities important to long-term care providers will remain in place at least through July after it was revealed the Biden administration plans to extend the public health emergency declaration again. 

5 states permanently increased nursing homes’ minimum staffing requirements since COVID, analysis shows

Nearly a dozen states have changed their minimum staffing requirements for nursing homes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation. 

Long-term care leaders can have ‘the best of both worlds,’ experts assert

CHICAGO — No long-term care leader should have to sacrifice their personal life in order to achieve career goals, industry experts stressed during the latest McKnight’s thought-leadership panel discussion. 

Nursing home residents 100 and older had lower hospitalization rates for COVID-19 .. Maryland nursing home workers walk off job over staffing, patient care issues … News org broadens access to report card on COVID-19 outcomes at nursing homes … Admiral at the Lake welcomes R.J. Zielinski as CFO

Two common types of antibiotic-resistant bacteria can linger in resident rooms — even during changes of occupancy, a new facility study finds.

Tooth longevity ranges from about nine to 20 years after a root canal, depending in part on where one lives, a new study has found.

The U.S. is creating two Americas with its lack of cohesive policy on universal broadband access, said panelists Monday during the Department of Health and Human Services’ Telehealth Conference.

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