It’s time to replenish our PAC account so please join or re-join the THCA-PAC Personal Contributors Club. It’s easy – You select the Club Level you’d like to join and how you’d like to make your personal contribution (breaking it down to reoccurring monthly or quarterly the contributions; or a one-time contribution.

Visit our PAC page at to learn more. You can make your personal contributions directly on the page; or mail your personal check payable to: THCAPAC, 1108 Lavaca Street, Ste. 500, Austin, TX 78701. NOTE: Personal User Name and Password is needed to access the THCAPAC page. If you need your login information please e-mail a request to Gina Muniz



Have you heard about our 500 Club? The 500 Club is a way for every THCA facility to engage and be part of our legislative effort. We ask that your facility voluntarily raise and donate $500 for our political effort.

Want to be a 500 Club member this year? You still have time!

This year is flying by, and time is limited to get your 2017 500 Club membership completed in time to be recognized in our Fall Convention materials. During October go to print and we don’t want your facility to miss out on being included!

As we move into the second half of 2017, we are ramping up efforts of the THCAPAC and importantly the next round of Texas elections. A large part of keeping friends of LTC in the Texas Legislature is through having strong PAC efforts and a strong 500 Club member network. It is critical that all THCA facilities participate so we can make the most impact possible. If you have questions about the 500 Club or how to achieve 500 Club status please see the handout attached to this email or reach out to our Director of Membership and Outreach, Megan Reed, at She can help you with all of your 500 Club needs.


McKinney Health Care, Nexion*

*Exceeded the $500 Goal!

**Contributions to THCAPAC are personal political contributions. THCAPAC cannot accept Corporate Contributions.

Mark your Calendar with THCA’s 2017 Fall “Golf Fore PAC” Fall Tournament Date:

November 6th:          Wildcat Golf Club/Houston, TX

(@ THCA’s Annual Convention & Trade Show)


?’s About THCAPAC…Here’s How To Contact Us
Ron Payne, THCAPAC Chair
Scot Kibbe & Megan Reed:;