“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

– Andy Warhol



With less than 30 days left in the 85th legislative session, time is of the essence.  I don’t know if Andy Warhol knew anything about long term care or paid much attention to the legislative process; however, he was correct in saying that things don’t change by themselves.  Arguably, yes “things” can change over time, but maybe not the way you would hope.

There is a lot of activity going on at the Capitol right now with the Nursing Facility Reinvestment Allowance and the efforts on Medicaid Bed Allocation. At present, we are working fast and furious with members of the House to have the funding bill heard on the House floor, so it gets to the Senate.  HB2766 is competing with hundreds of other bills in Calendars committee in its efforts to get on the House calendar and be heard before the May 11th deadline to hear House bills on the House floor.

Being heard in Calendars committee and being heard on the House floor, means being heard by you!

It is never been more imperative that you continue to make phone calls to your representative in support of HB2766. If you haven’t made any phone calls, then you’re way behind and this is your opportunity to catch up to make a difference.

Current efforts on Medicaid bed allocation have shifted to the implementation of an interim study to look at the effectiveness of current processes and rules in place for certification and decertification of Medicaid beds. While the moratorium may not go forward, the issue of over bedding in Texas and the impact it’s having on staffing, and cost of care is an important discussion that needs to move forward as Texas cares for the elderly and prepares for the future.  See the legislative update section for more information.

Time and Outreach is of the essence and influence comes from you.   If you can come to Austin and visit with your legislators and their staff, then come on!  If scheduling prohibits your travel, then take two minutes out of your day to call your legislator and ask them to act now to ensure the necessary funding for the patients and residents you serve.  Support HB 2766 and SB 1130.

Onward and Upward.