New Long Term Care Survey Process

The New LTC Survey Process replaced both the Traditional and QIS processes, which means everyone in the country is now using the same process. Below is a link to information on the new process.–Slide-Deck-and-Speaker-Notes.pptx

New Survey Process: CMS Posting of Initial Pool Questions

CMS has published the new Long Term Care Survey Process Initial Pool Care Areas – specifically, the interview questions for residents and resident representatives as well as the probes for resident observations and limited record reviews that will be completed as part of the Initial Pool process on Day 1 of each survey conducted beginning November 28, 2017. During this phase of the survey, each member of the survey team will interview approximately 8 residents about specific care areas to help determine the final group of residents who will be included in the survey sample and which topics to investigate further during the survey. You can access these survey materials here:…

Many of the questions are similar to those asked previously during the QIS survey process, but there is a significant number of new questions, many of which are designed to obtain person-centered information about the care provided and some to focus on particular high-risk needs of residents.

Many providers have found it beneficial to use the critical element pathways and resident and staff interview questions to help prepare both residents and staff for survey as well as to identify issues to correct or systems to improve. We recommend using these tools early and often to help prepare and prioritize efforts as Phase 2 goes into effect.

Care Providers of Minnesota developed this easy to use chart showing the former QIS resident interview questions side by side with these new initial pool resident interview questions.