Medicaid Eligibility – Facility Contacts & Escalations

The overall Medicaid Eligibility process has been met with many challenges including, but not limited to, lack of access to the MEW, inability to obtain application status information and poor communication regarding ME recertification.

As previously reported, HHS has an assigned staff member as the agency liaison for each Nursing Facility in Texas. This Facility Contact is available today to assist your staff in answering questions related to any of your Medicaid pending residents.

In the event that your Facility Contact is unable to address your inquiry, you may contact their Supervisor, and the Program Manager that oversees the area. THCA has worked with the commission to provide you with a comprehensive updated listing of these contacts to be updated monthly. The most recent listing is available for download via the link below.

Click Here to Download the HHSC Eligibility Statewide Facility Contact List