Have you Designated your facility’s Infection Preventionists (IPs) as the CMS Reform of Requirements of Participation requires by November 2019?

CMS Requirements for a designated Infection Preventionist state:

483.80(b) Infection preventionist. The facility must designate one or more individuals(s) as the infection preventionist(s) (IPs) who are responsible for the facility’s IPCP.  The IP must:

(1) Have primary professional training in nursing, medical technology, microbiology, epidemiology, or other related field;

(2) Be qualified by education, training, experience or certification;

(3) Work at least part-time at the facility; and

(4) Have completed specialized training in infection prevention and control.


American Health Care Association (AHCA) is ready to help you meet the new Infection Preventionist specialized training requirement finalized by CMS in the Reform of Requirements of Participation for Long Term Care Facilities with the NEW Online Infection Preventionist Specialized Training (IPCO).

Through this Infection Preventionist Specialized Training (IPCO) course, individuals will be specially trained to effectively implement and manage an Infection Prevention and Control Program at their nursing facility.

The course, available to both Members and Non-members of THCA & AHCA, is an online, self-study program with 23 hours of training that includes online lectures, case studies and interactive components taught by an array of experts from around the country.  IPCO meets the expectations CMS has outlined on the required components of the specialized training.  Click here to learn more about the IPCO.


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