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The Nursing Facility Reinvestment Allowance (NFRA)
Senate Bill 1130/Hinojosa; and its Companion House Bill 2766/Sheffield


post-it-noteAs communicated on March 23rd via e-mail from Scot Kibbe, THCA’s Director of Government Relations, it is vital that state legislators hear from their constituents about how important passage of SB1130/HB2766 is to their districts and to the quality of long term care in Texas. They need to not just hear from administrators but also people like you whose businesses depend on strong nursing facilities.


We have developed documents that will encourage written contacts with legislators in a quick and easy way. “Take Two Steps” provides information to help you better understand the importance of the NFRA; and “Business Associate Letters” are various draft letters for you to select from, personalize and send to your State Senator and State Representative.  To find the name and contact information for your state representative or senator go to: Note that for this outreach, we only want to contact state legislators-there is no need to contact Congressmen or Senators Cruz and Cornyn.

With the legislative session now passed the halfway point, there is no time to lose. We know that the passage of NFRA would make a significant different in facilities throughout our state.  Legislators need to know that too, and have to hear it from the people they represent.  We need as many people as possible engaged and delivering our message to their legislators and we need these contacts to be made as soon as possible.

Please pass this on to other associates with your company and encourage them to contact their legislator as well. Voices from all over the state must be heard in order to get the Legislature’s attention.


PRESENTATION/SPEAKER OPPORTUNITIES: Does your company have an interest in partnering with THCA’s Education Foundation (THCA-EF) to provide Educational offerings at THCA Region Meetings and/or through THCA hosted *Webinars? Through the THCA-EF Professional Development Needs Analysis Survey, Facility Leadership identified the following topics as those most needed, and we’re seeking THCA Associate Business Members interested in partnering with us to provide them:

  • Survey Guidelines
  • Survey Preparedness
  • Customer Service
  • HR Policies & Recruitment & Retention of Staff
  • Quality/QAPI/Data Management

What Does Partnering with THCA-EF Mean? It’s simple.  THCA Associate Business Member provides the presentation/presenter; and THCA-EF will provide the Continuing Education Credit.  It’s an excellent opportunity to not only present before the audience, but also to contribute to the professional development of your clients/potential clients.

This opportunity is a membership benefit for THCA Associate Business Members. To request information on how to get started, e-mail Gina Muniz and Lacie Karnauch

*Webinar presentation/presenter opportunity is THCA’s latest ‘Value Add’ to the THCA Associate Business Membership!

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: Don’t forget to view the ‘Region News’ section of this newsletter for information on upcoming Region Meetings. Representatives of all THCA Associate Business members have the exclusive opportunity to attend.  Don’t pass up this networking opportunity with LTC providers around the state.

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact your THCA Associate Business Member staff representative, Gina Muniz at