Texas Health Care Association Announces a Partnership Agreement with technology provider CoreCare to provide a single sign-on portal platform to long term care facilities in the Medicaid Managed Care Market

August 14, 2020
AUSTIN, TEXAS – Texas Health Care Association (THCA) is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with CoreCare, a single sign-on portal for long term care facilities working with managed care organizations. THCA Members, through the CoreCare product, will have the ability to address long standing issues with managing the multiple managed care portals at a discounted rate.

“The need for a single portal solution in Medicaid Managed Care has been a long standing priority for long term care facilities in Texas.  The added costs, inefficiencies in processes and impact on cash flow due to Medicaid Managed Care in Texas has been in the millions,” said Kevin Warren, President and CEO of Texas Health Care Association (THCA). “Being able to partner with an organization like CoreCare to allow nursing facilities to redirect vital resources to front line patient care is an exciting opportunity.”

The agreement between THCA and CoreCare will provide THCA membership a 10% discount on their purchase of the CoreCare platform.

” Our CoreAccess Portal aggregates and standardizes all MCO data into one place, making it easier to prepare, submit, reconcile and reconsider reimbursements with Managed Care Organizations,” said Mehrdad Shafaie, CoFounder & President of CoreCare. “My partners and I are excited about the opportunity to apply our data management backgrounds and years of experience in developing financial technology solutions to a health care profession seeking a new pathway forward.”

As noted in their Vision statement, “CoreCare is integrating all financial data communication between the provider and MCOs – creating a Single Access Portal to view all information and take action for healthcare providers.”

“If we are finally going to address the issues of claims reconciliation, growing accounts receivables and the administrative costs resulting from Medicaid Managed Care, then we can longer wait for state agency or managed care organizations to develop a solution for the profession,” concluded Warren.

For additional information about how to schedule a demonstration and learn more about CoreCare, please reach out to Deseray Matteson at the information listed above.


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