Nursing homes taking lead in registering voters

The Texas Health Care Association has concluded its voter registration drive for the 2018 primary elections. The effort is the first in a series of steps the organization is taking in 2018 to bolster voter participation among individuals involved in the nursing home industry.

Nursing homes are important community centers in cities, both large and small, where people live and work. There are more than 1,200 nursing facilities across Texas, comprised of 110,000 long term care employees who care for roughly 92,000 individuals on a daily basis.

More than 97 percent of certified nursing assistants working in Texas nursing homes left their jobs last year. The turnover rate for registered nurses tops 92 percent.

“Nursing homes care for people who spent their lives building a brighter future for us and our communities,” said Kevin Warren, THCA president and CEO. “Those elected to lead us have a direct say in the quality of care we’re able to provide these special Texans, and we want to do everything we can to ensure caregivers, residents and their families are engaged in the electoral process.”

In January, THCA staff launched a social media campaign to raise awareness about the importance of voting while providing voter registration cards to member facilities to sign up voters.

“Every vote is important, and we want our residents and staff members to have their voices heard,” said Warren. “Nursing homes have a vested interest in working with Texas leaders who understand the important work we do every day to care for senior Texans.”