Volume XXX, Number 6
 June 2015

DADS Develops New Mechanism to Report Medicaid Bed Occupancy

According to a provider alert recently released by the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS), the agency has developed a mechanism that, starting June 1, will allow nursing homes to directly enter their Medicaid Bed Occupancy data into a new portal, and those reports will be processed in real time.  A provider letter with the link to the new portal and detailed instructions will be sent June 1, 2015.

According to DADS, the agency will email a reminder to nursing facility providers on the first of each month that their data is due by the fifth. If a facility tries to enter data twice, they will be alerted. Providers also will be able to make a copy of what was submitted. These improvements will help providers submit their occupancy information on time and avoid being placed on vendor hold.  During the transition phase, which will last until August 1, 2015, providers may choose to submit their report on DADS Form 3645, Monthly Occupancy Report or through the new portal.

The agency has also developed a Long Term Care Map tool that will use geographic information systems and census data to graphically map the location of each licensed and/or certified nursing facility in the state. Both the bed occupancy portal and the Long Term Care Map have been developed to allow DADS Regulatory Services staff to more quickly and easily evaluate nursing facility bed allocation waiver criteria.  Questions about these new tools can be emailed to bobby.schmidt@dads.state.tx.us.

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  • DADS Develops New Mechanism to Report Medicaid Bed Occupancy

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