Volume XXX, Number 3,
March 2015

Managed Care resources

STAR+PLUS Medicaid Managed Care Has Begun

HHSC has set up a Command Center to assist with implementation issues.  If you have questions, need clarification, or need assistance with the implementation of Managed Care in Texas, you can send an email by clicking here:



Links to Web Resources

DADS — STAR+PLUS Nursing Facility Services



HHSC — Texas Medicaid and CHIP — STAR+PLUS (Nursing Facility Services)



Billing Q & A

THCA Question to HHSC:  When a nursing facility is ready to bill for Medicaid payment for a resident(s) who has not been assigned to a plan, who should they bill and who should they expect to receive payment from?

Answer from HHSC:  The nursing facility should verify the resident’s eligibility and enrollment on MESAV. If managed care is not indicated on the MESAV, the NF should bill Fee for Service (FFS) as they have previously.


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