Volume XXX, Number 4,
 April 2015

Compromise on three strikes bill moves out of the Senate

The Senate this week passed a substitute for the “three strikes” bill, SB 304 by Sen. Charles Schwertner.

The original bill would have required that HHSC remove the license from any facility tagged with three serious violations over a two year period. THCA representatives testified in the Senate Health & Human Services Committee in opposition to that proposal.

The substitute will allow the HHSC Commissioner discretion in deciding whether to revoke the license of a facility that fell under those provisions. It also provides for Rapid Response teams to work with facilities that have been cited for serious violations. And it moves the effective date of the bill to September 1, 2016—no violations before that date would count toward the “three strikes.”

The provisions of the original bill are currently included in the Sunset bill for the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). But Sen. Schwertner has indicated the new language will be substituted there as well.

CLICK HERE to see the new language for CSSB 304.

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