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As part of the C to C initiative, each month THCA provides relevant news and best practices on a specific quality topic related to long term care. This December, THCA is highlighting focusing on Military Veterans in Long Term Care. The C to C article discusses the importance and benefits of knowing the unique aspects of veteran residents, in order to provide them the quality of care they deserve. Along with the article, several helpful tools and resources are available below.


This December, the Quality Topic of the Month focuses on Understanding the Military Veteran in Long Term Care.


Enhancing Veteran-Centered Care: A Guide for Nurses in Non-VA Settings, published by the American Journal of Nursing (AJN)

This article provides an overview of veterans’ unique health care issues. It discusses the importance for nurses in all civilian care settings to understand the impact that military service has on veterans’ health in order to provide them with the highest quality of care and enhance their quality of life.


“Understanding the Veteran Resident”

This video primarily discusses the care provided to veteran residents in the Texas State Veterans Homes; however, it contains valuable information that any nursing facility can use to better understand the veterans that they serve. It discusses the culture of military service, the impact of service on normative aging, common health ailments associated with service and communicating with veteran residents. This is a great resource for inservicing staff.


Military Service Information Tool (MSIT)

NEWLY developed tool provided by the Texas Veteran’s Land Board.   The purpose of this tool is to aid in better understanding of the veteran resident in order to develop a resident centered plan of care that meets the veteran’s needs.


Post-Traumatic Stress: Screening Tool

If you have individuals in your facility you suspect may be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress here is a 4-item screening tool for clinicians. All positive screens should be reported to the resident’s physician as soon as possible.


CHOSIN: Korean War Documentary

Video documentary of those who experienced the front lines of the Korean War.


“Vietnam Vets Never Expected This”

Video documentary of Vietnam Vets and their painful return home.