“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.”
Jim Collins


The expectations are continuous. The need for confident, skilled and committed staff are essential elements of your success in providing the level of care that you expect to achieve in your facilities on a daily basis. According to 2015 cost report data, the average turnover rate in Texas nursing homes for direct care staff (RN, LVN and CNA) was over 90 percent. The data simply proves what anyone involved in long term care already knows — staffing is the key to delivering the kind of long term care you would want for your own family. The more consistent the staffing, the more those staff members understand and are able to effectively respond to each individual’s care needs.


This week, THCA is releasing a report to the Texas legislature titled, “Texas Nursing Home Workforce: A Crisis Affecting the Quality of Long Term Care.” The report details the serious workforce issues that Texas nursing homes face today as well as those that must be dealt with in the future. The purpose of this report is to bring to light the significant and daunting issue that is the workforce crisis in Texas nursing homes, the impact it has on patient care, and the relationship to the Medicaid reimbursement rate being faced by your communities in Texas every day.


To obtain a copy of the report, click here.


These challenges are significant, but we believe that Texas can rise to meet them. We are committed to finding solutions to this problem and addressing the funding challenge that has affected nursing homes in Texas far too long. Because your success matters to so many Texans, we remain committed to working with you and others to ensure quality care for those entering Texas nursing homes now and in the future.


Onward and Upward