Reminder: In December 2016 DADS issued Provider Letter 16-41 regarding a litigation hold notice related to PASRR

In the January issue of THCA NOTES, we informed THCA members of new information that we received related to PASRR. THCA has just learned from HHSC that DoJ investigators are entering Texas nursing facilities and requesting PASRR documents. Until a subsequent provider letter is issued by DADS/HHSC containing further instructions, facilities must stop destruction of certain documents under your normal retention policies and preserve all documents and things related to PASRR dated from December 21, 2010 and onward. “Documents and things” include all formats in which information exists – whether electronic form, hard copy, or any other medium – that relate to the allegations made by the Steward plaintiffs or to the defense of those allegations, unless such documents or things are specifically excluded from this preservation notice as described in the provider letter.

The following is a link to the Provider Letter: Provider Letter No. 16-41 – Steward Litigation Hold Notice Related to Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Requirements