We have received multiple calls from members concerned about the delays in license renewal and processing for changes of ownership (CHOWs).  The delays that most are experiencing are due to two major changes at HHSC.

First, all nursing facility contracts had to be revised due to the 9/1/17 effective date for the transition of DADS to HHSC.  These revisions have been finalized and HHSC began sending new contracts out mid-October.

The second major change was also effective 9/1/17, all state contracts must now be processed through a new system which resulted in a change in the timing for when a contract number is generated and sent to the providers.

The target turnaround time for this processing is 2-3 days once a contract is fully executed.  Since this is a new system the staff may take a little longer (currently the turnaround time is about 5 days).  Staff we have spoken with at HHSC have proposed a long term solution to update the process and allow contract numbers to be generated earlier.  We expect to learn more about these proposed solutions in order to offer feedback.

As members call, we will continue to follow up w/ HHSC on these issues and work to get the process expedited on your behalf.  If issues have come up, please contact Deseray Matteson – dmatteson@txhca.org