Volume XXX, Number 6
 June 2015

THCAPAC 500 Club & Recognitions

With the Texas Legislature now adjourned, it is extremely important that we work towards replenishing our PAC dollars.  Please coordinate your facility fundraisers to meet or exceed your $500 CLUB contributions.  If you’d like to submit a personal contribution by personal credit card, contact Gina Muniz at gmuniz@txhca.org.

Please take a moment to recognize contributors since our last writing:

Kelly Stanley,
Community Portable X-Ray

Toni Felts,
MetroStat Diagnostic Services & Clinical Laboratory

Duncanville Healthcare & Rehabilitation, Nexion Health


Thank You!!!


$500 Club Fundraising Goals:

  • Owners/Operators and Administrators:
    All member facilities are asked to participate in the “500 Club” by raising at least $500 per year.  When sending in your facility fundraising contributions, please ensure it includes the name of your facility and the name of your facility’s administrator.
  • THCA Owners/CEO’s, corporate staff, business members, and others are asked to make a personal contribution towards a goal of $500 per person.  Please be sure to include the name of your company with your contribution.


All contributions must be Personal Check, Money Order or Cashiers Check (Company/Corporate checks cannot be accepted) Payable and Mailed as follows: THCAPAC, P.O. Box 4554, Austin, TX 78765. For information on making your personal contribution by personal credit card, contact Gina Muniz gmuniz@txhca.org; (512) 458-1257.




Golf “Fore” PAC Tournament

Monday, September 21, 2015


1600 Fairway Dr., Grapevine, TX

(in conjunction with THCA’s 2015 Annual Convention & Trade Show)


?’s About THCAPAC…Here’s How To Contact Us

Ron Payne, THCAPAC Co-Chair

Mark McKenzie, THCAPAC Co-Chair

Gina Muniz, THCAPAC Liaison

P. O. Box 4554,
Austin, TX 78765

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  • THCAPAC 500 Club & Recognitions



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