Volume XXX, Number 5
 May 2015

“Region Chairs Need You!”

 – Jodi Scarbro, THCA Region 8 Chair; Chair of the Region Chairs Council

THCA Member Administrators, D.O.N.’s and Business Members – THCA Region Chairs Need You! Your involvement, support and expertise are vital to the successes of our profession. I know we all have a lot on our plates, but if we make the time to come together, we all benefit. Region Chairs are always in need of Guest Speakers with presentations that provide CE’s for attendees; Sponsors to host the meeting location and/or help with expenses associated with the meetings; and attendees ready to share, learn and receive and provide peer support. Please plan to regularly attend Region Meetings in your area. If your region is currently without representation, step-up and become a candidate for the Chair position! If your region currently has a Region Chair, contact them to let them know you are ready to help in any way possible to make the region more successful. Region Meetings are open to Providers (nursing & assisted living) and current THCA Associate Business Members. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact any Region Chair and/or our THCA staff representative, Gina Muniz, gmuniz@txhca.org

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  • “Region Chairs Need You!”


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