Volume XXX, Number 4,
 April 2015

Budgets are moving……collective voices must be heard

“The voice of the intellect is a soft one, but it does not rest until it has gained a hearing.”
          ~ Sigmund Freud

As we move into month four of the 84th Legislative Session, actions are steadily speeding up.  Bills are moving and priorities are beginning to rise to the surface.  Competing priorities, such as tax cuts, border security, transportation and education have dominated the legislature’s attention thus far. Garnering the necessary support for increased Medicaid spending (across provider communities) and reducing the funding gap has not been a priority of the Legislature.

Over the next 60 days, we must work together to speak directly to our legislators and their offices. Improving the Medicaid base rate is a critical component of the efforts underway to improve and sustain the level of care that is expected of us and that we are capable of achieving. Over 60% of the respondents to the first quarter Commitment to Care Survey cited workforce retention as their number one priority with an increased base rate, followed by workforce recruitment.  Tell your story.

In the next couple of weeks, each chamber will name members of the conference committee (five House Members and five Senators) that will convene to write the final budget, including Article II funding.  Communicating to these members of the legislature about the positive impact that increasing the state’s investment in long term care will have requires a collective and consistent effort over the next eight weeks.

Start today, by contacting your State Representative and State Senator’s offices and encouraging them to ensure that increasing base rate funding for long term care is a priority.  Speak to your staff, speak to your families, and speak to your vendors about this important issue.  Let your elected officials know how much you are committed to your community and those you serve.


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