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Guidelines to Opening Up America Again

Yesterday President Trump began discussing the Phases to “Opening Up America Again”. Attached is a high level PPT identifying the parameters and guidelines released to open America. 

ICYMI: New OSHA Resources: Low/Unavailable PPE and Reporting Staff Cases

AHCA/NCAL released four new resources on guidance from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on critically low or unavailable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). These new resources are applicable to all long term care providers. 

  • A form letter providers can fill in when responding to OSHA inquiries due to complaints regarding limited or unavailable PPE. 
  • A document on OSHA guidance when PPE is critically low or unavailable including steps providers can follow. 
  • An explanation of OSHA and CDC guidance on N95 respirators that are critically low or unavailable. This resource provides five options with guidance on what to do for a limited supply of N95 or other respirators to no N95 or other respirators available. 
  • A document with updated guidance from OSHA on employer recording and reporting requirements for COVID-19.

This is the link to the resources noted above:

As additional information is made available, we will provide you updates as quickly as we can.

We continue to press for the need for priority testing, PPE and Liability protection during the declared COVID-19 disaster.   We’ll keep you posted; however, please do not hesitate to contact THCA for information or support as you continue to support the heroes in each of your communities.

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