THCA represents a broad spectrum of long-term care providers and professionals offering long term, rehabilitative and specialized health care services. THCA Member Facilities, owned by both for-profit and non-profit entities, include nursing facilities, specialized rehabilitation facilities, and assisted living facilities.

For businesses that offer services and/or products to Long Term Care Providers, THCA offers the THCA Associate Business Membership which is designed to suit a variety of marketing goals, as well as networking opportunities for the company’s representatives to have with THCA Provider Membership.


The purpose of this kit is to provide an overview of opportunities for our Associate Business Members (ABM) in 2021.  THCA offers multiple meetings and conferences that bring members (and nonmembers) together and we want our ABMs to participate in those gatherings in order to maximize their company’s presence.

Depending on the type of meeting or conference your company will have the ability to connect with decision makers from your target audience which consists of LTC owners, operators, facility leadership, and other LTC professionals.  Networking opportunities you will find in this kit include:

  • THCA Board of Directors Meeting Sponsorship

  • Regional Meetings held throughout the 10 THCA Regions

  • THCA Monthly Educational Webinars (speaking and/or sponsoring)

  • Annual Summer Conference, June 2021

  • 71st Annual Convention & Trade Show, September 2021

  • Social Fundraisers held in conjunction with THCA hosted events

Exhibitor/Sponsor Eligibility
Exhibitor and Sponsor Registration for the events in this kit is available exclusively for current 2021 THCA Associate Business Members in good standing